Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Spinning and Spring

Right now you're thinking, spinning? I thought Emily wasn't so into the spinning?!? Well, you would be right. Last night I broke out the drop spindle and attempted to spin again. I realized quite quickly that I had forgotten what the hell I was doing, and in only a few short weeks! So, I dropped that spindle (ha) and worked on the second gift sock instead. I managed to get past the evil cabling part so it should be pretty fast, smooth sailing from here on out. I forget where I saw this, but I was browsing around someone's blog and discovered that she had made these socks (Conway, from Knitting on the Road) for her Sockapaloooza pal. That's insane. You couldn't pay me to make those socks with the cabling all the way down. No way, no how. But I digress. What I meant to show you was this:

You already know this isn't my handspun (since I've just disclosed that I can't remember how to even hold the spindle), but I wanted to show it off anyway. This is Rachel's first attempt at sockweight yarn, made with the roving I got her for her birthday last month. Isn't it beautiful? She's become a spinning pro! Well done, Rachel...

I also needed to show off these little harbringers of spring:

Aren't they adorable? I love baby geese. Nevermind that they grow up to be adult geese that s#$& all over and honk while walking in front of me when I'm biking to work such that I have to swerve out of their way aren't quite as cute. I took these pictures yesterday on my way to work. Made my morning, seeing all the little ones running around and poking at the grass.

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Emma said...

The babies are really cute. And the handspun yarn is beautiful, even if it's not yours. Still lovely.