Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patty's Day (and another vow)

Short post, no photos, but I pledge that I will finish my Lady Eleanor this weekend! I'm on the last ball of yarn, with probably two tiers and the final triangles left to knit, so this should be doable. I'm putting this in writing so I feel compelled to get it done. Note I've not said anything about blocking...or about fringe...both may have to wait until next week. I've already received a special dispensation allowing me to buy another skein of yarn for the Lady's fringe despite the Lenten vow to not acquire yarn (which, by the way, I've done very well with, despite several trips to the LYS and much online browsing).

I'd say half the people where I work were wearing green in some form or another today, which was fun. I'm not the least bit Irish, but I've got my shamrock earrings and green pants on, to be in the spirit. Now I will go home and drink some Irish beer. But not Guinness...too dark for my blood.

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