Friday, March 03, 2006

The Promised List o'Projects

Let me preface this, because it is scary, by saying that I'm not usually one to abandon things. I think with knitting it's not so much a leaving things behind problem, but more a 'ooh look, pretty new yarn/pattern/stuffed animal kit/gift idea' problem that causes me to have more projects on the needles (or planned, with yarn purchased, because once the idea is in my head I have to get on it right away, or I just keep fixating on it until I have the supplies on hand) than most yarn shops have as samples. So, in the name of full disclosure, and because I said I would, and I like to keep my word, here is the list, in all its glory. I don't think I left anything out, but I did organize it a bit into various types of projects, and indicated what progress, if any, has been made on each item...I'm listing them in the tentative order I hope to complete them, per group, but I reserve the right to change that, as it is my perogative to knit what I want!

Large Projects (aka projects that are enjoyable yet/or suck the life out of you)
1. Lady Eleanor - 70% complete
2. Hike sweater (Rowan 37) - 40% done, working on right front
3. ****gift**** - yarn acquired, pattern in hand, waiting until something else big is done (Xmas)
4. Rogue - yarn and pattern in hand. See #3
5. Ribbed sweater from LMKG - for Dave, yarn acquired. This is a boyfriend sweater and I'm a bit afraid to knit it in case it brings bad karma.
6. Asymmetrical vest/hat - from Loop-d-Loop - have yarn, started hat but frogged it. Probably more of a small project since it's big yarn, so maybe it'll get shifted down later.

Small Projects (aka small portable things that there is no reason I'm procrastinating on)
1. Pink shrug (Rowan 37) - 25% done (that might be generous)
2. ****gift**** - 35% done, for Christmas. Should've been last Christmas but what can you do?
3. Clapotis - yarn acquired this week (pre-Lent)
4. Ruffles scarf - started, from Scarf Style, will probably frog as gauge is too tight to make yarn feel lovely
5. Tweed messenger bag - 80% done, all I have left is the strap, this is just embarrassing

Unepic Projects (aka the ones where there is really no excuse)
1. Dave's blue hat - 50% done
2. Undisclosed gift project - yarn acquired
3. So-called scarf - yarn acquired, several times over (what can I say, I love me some Manos)
4. Purl scarf - yarn acquired. See above.
5. Red drop-stitch scarf - 70% done. See project 5 above.
6. 2/3 sachet - 80% done. Again, see project 5 above.

For the Future (aka if I ever finish the rest of these)
1. Lace Leaf Pullover
2. Hourglass sweater
3. Hedgehog - have the kit, very cute, might get bumped up to unepic projects
4. Midwest Moonlight scarf
5. Too many to count...

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Mother of Murphy said...

I'm sitting here trying to giggle quietly at "Unepic Projects." I don't think I have any of those on the needles right now. Not enough spare needles... that might be my problem...