Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pink projects - success and failure

So a couple of days ago I alluded to having had some problems with my pink WIPs...Although I screwed both of them up, the pink sachet went from this (Sunday evening) to finished last night at my knitting club meeting. It is finished and I bet you can't find the mistake (really a minor picot edge/beading error on the top somewhere, and might be on the back in the photo (good disquise). It should have a ribbon around the top but I used that for something else and I don't think I'll bother with it since it's just going in with my unmentionables anyway. Since I'm not so big on the traditional lavender, I stuffed it with some magnolia scented wax (?) potpourri and it's quite lovely. So, that was some pink project success, and another Project Spectrum FO for me!

On to the trouble...
I started making Elsepth, from Rowan 37, back in the summer. I ordered up the Rowan Calmer from a lovely woman in England on Ebay, and got right to it. I loved the yarn from the beginning, and I still do, and I also still really like the look of the finished piece, but it is a royal pain in the a$% to knit. Possibly this is something personal to me, in that I seem utterly incapable of following directions/charts/etc. Anyway, the problem is as follows: I started with the back, and I was doing really well following the pattern, doing the increases as required, and then knitting straight in pattern, no problems. Then I got to the raglan shoulder shaping and all hell broke loose. I did fine the first couple of decrease rows, and then I ran into trouble. Now, I'm pretty sure I was following the directions, and I made my own chart when I started this project, and as I decreased I was writing all over it so I would know exactly what I was doing each row so I could keep with the pattern. However, all my planning was in vain when I all of a sudden, and despite going back and staring at the thing several times still not knowing why, I ended up with 2 two many stitches on one half of the back and then that many again on the second half (halves because I put a marker in there for chart-following sanity). I tried to go back and fix it, I really did, but it has yarnovers, and k2togs (and horror, p2tog through the back loops, which is like a complicated gymnastics manuever). In any event, I can't fix it, I can't tink it because it's lace and I'm impatient. I might frog back to the last plain knit row and try to sort it out, or I may rip the whole damn thing out and maybe/maybe not start again. How much will I wear a pink shrug? When I started, probably a lot. Now that I have dark hair, probably not so much. So, that said I may cut my losses and figure out something to do with 4 light pink skeins of Calmer. Thoughts?
PS: Blogger won't let me upload the photo - I'll try to do it later

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