Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yarn for Clapotis

So, I just have to show off the pretty yarn I got for Clapotis. I bought this on Ebay, and it's handpainted in South America. They have a wonderful selection of colors and it's extremely cheap, especially for 100% merino. The shipping is a bit slow, but if you saw my list of projects you know I have plenty to keep me occupied...I have three skeins of each of these colorways. I'm leaning towards the black and greys, since I think it would be more versatile, but the purple one is lovely as well, nicer in person than in this photo, and less washed out. I've swatched this and it's very nice to knit with (can't go wrong with worsted weight merino) and there wasn't any noticable pooling (although of course my swatches were tiny). All in all, I'm really happy with this yarn. I think it would make a great sweater and will keep that in mind, should I ever be at a loss for yarn and/or projects...

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