Tuesday, March 28, 2006

May I present Lady Eleanor

How beautiful is this? The top photo is the "look how huge this thing is" and the bottom is more likely how Lady E will be worn. I LOVE this scarf. I cannot stress enough how happy I am with this, and I think it's the knitted object I'm most proud of having made. I've still not decided on the fringe question, but I've got the folks at the Scarf Style knitalong mulling it over as well.

Project Specs: Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style
Yarn: 10 skeins Noro Silk Garden, from Little Knits, colorway 225
Needles: Size 9 Clover bamboo, 24" circular
Time on the needles: 1/2/06-3/17/06, minus 2 weeks for Knitting Olympics
Modifications: None really, but I had many more rows than the pattern suggested due to my yarn substitution
Result: Priceless

This project flew by, I think because enterlac is so satisfying. Because it's done is all little squares, you're always finishing something, so it feels like you're making real progress, unlike say, the back of a stockinette sweater (ahem). And enterlac is forgiving, especially with this type of uneven yarn. Plus, silk garden keeps you on your toes, occasionally throwing in bits of tree/grass/hunks of silk...It's expensive yarn, considering how much you use for something this big, but I got a great deal on a bag (40% off!), so it wasn't outrageous (and reminder, look how gorgeous it is!). Just when I would think that this was too expensive a project for an almost starving graduate student, I looked up the yarn that was recommended in the pattern, which would've cost something like $200, and then I felt much better...I'm already wanting to make another one of these, but I doubt I really need two. A thinner scarf version could be nice...keep this in mind when requesting Christmas/birthday/graduation presents!

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