Sunday, March 26, 2006

Off the wagon...

Well, it's happened. I've fallen off the Lenten wagon, and it was a long way down. But, it's not my fault. You see, one of our many local yarn shops is closing, and everything was 50% off. Although I bought too much some yarn, it would have been much worse had I gotten there before things were really picked over. For the sake of full disclosure, here is the haul... What we have here, from the top, is this:
Top: 4 skeins Elsebeth Lavold Silky wool, bright teal (I'm in a teal phase. I'm thinking tank top or lacy scarf)
Middle: 8 skeins GGH Goa (blue, for Midwest Moonlight scarf), 4 skeins (but I bought 8) GGH Aspen (ivory, cable knit scarf?)
Bottom: 3 skeins GGH Samoa (green), 2 skeins each pink and brown E. Lavold Cotton Patine (dishclothes? sachets? cute little bag? bandanna? I liked the colors together)

Now I realize that is a lot of yarn, but if you saw how cheap it all was (mostly cotton, not pricey to begin with, and 50% off), you would've done the same (right?). The main reason it seems like so much is that the skeins of Goa and Aspen are small, so I needed that many to have enough for a scarf...

I also bought a sock pattern and a reversible cable scarf pattern, as well as the last set of 10 1/2 wood DPNs, a size I don't have that will come in handy for hats. So, Pam, I know I have misbehaved, but I'll try to do better from now on, I really will, and I haven't cast anything on, so at least I'm doing well there. Plus, I might recall that the not buying of yarn was an addition to the 'not casting on anything new' pledge, so maybe cheating isn't so bad?!?

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