Monday, March 27, 2006

Yes, I'm getting somewhere

Modified Project List (just to show that I've been making progress):

Large Projects (aka projects that are enjoyable yet/or suck the life out of you)
1. Lady Eleanor - DONE
2. Hike sweater (Rowan 37) - 40% done, working on right front
3. ****gift**** - yarn acquired, pattern in hand, waiting until something else big is done
4. Rogue - yarn and pattern in hand. See #3
5. Ribbed sweater from LMKG - for Dave, yarn acquired. This is a boyfriend sweater and I'm a bit afraid to knit it in case it brings bad karma.
6. Asymmetrical vest/hat - from Loop-d-Loop - have yarn, started hat but frogged it. Probably more of a small project since it's big yarn, so maybe it'll get shifted down later.

Small Projects (aka small portable things that there is no reason I'm procrastinating on)
1. Elspeth (Rowan 37) - 30% done on verge of being frogged, but I worked on it (enough to screw it up)
2. ****gift**** - 35% done, for Christmas. Should've been last Christmas but what can you do?
3. Clapotis - yarn acquired
4. Ruffles scarf - started, from Scarf Style, will probably frog as gauge is too tight to make yarn feel lovely
5. Tweed messenger bag - 80% done, all I have left is the strap, this is just embarrassing

Unepic Projects (aka the ones where there is really no excuse)
1. Dave's blue hat - DONE
2. Undisclosed gift project (Pam's armwarmers) - DONE
3. So-called scarf - yarn acquired, several times over (what can I say, I love me some Manos)
4. Purl scarf - yarn acquired. See above.
5. Red drop-stitch scarf - DONE
6. 2/3 sachet - DONE
7. Yellow/green/blue scarf - 50% done, started years ago and forgot to put it on the list

For the Future (aka if I ever finish the rest of these)
1. Lace Leaf Pullover
2. Hourglass sweater
3. Hedgehog - have the kit, very cute, might get bumped up to unepic projects
4. Midwest Moonlight scarf - yarn acquired (oops)
5. Too many to count...

I see that I've made significant inroads into the works-in-progress, but mostly only on the unepic things. That makes sense though, since I/we tend to tackle the small easy things first. For instance, I always do the daily Suduko puzzle on my calendar while procrastinating before doing any complicated experiments. I would be making more progress on those unepic projects if I could start them :) That said, not casting on anything new has been good for me, although I'm really bored with most of the things I'm making at the moment. The troubles with Elsepth about killed me, so I moved onto something else a bit lacy (small project #2) last night, and that was good.

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Anonymous said...

Those armwarmers for Pam are really bright!

What the hell is "frogged"?

love, mom